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High Risk Auto Insurance

Have you just been through the unfortunate experience of having your regular car insurance policy cancelled?

Sometimes, bad luck with tickets, at-fault accidents, traffic convictions and payment issues can impact on your insurance record resulting in your insurance company labeling you as a ‘high risk driver’. In that scenario, you need a high risk auto insurance broker on your side.

What is High Risk Auto Insurance?

High risk auto insurance is a specific type of coverage designed for high risk drivers. Drivers are considered high risk because they have a poor driving record, too many tickets, or too many at-fault accidents.

High risk insurance companies have different criteria for what makes a driver eligible for regular or non-standard auto insurance coverage. Some of the factors are related to driving history while others are non-driving related.

We Are Experts in High Risk Auto Insurance Coverage

At Imperial, we understand how difficult it can be to find affordable auto insurance when you have been labelled a high risk driver. Rather than turning you away, we are here to help you in your time of need.
Working with the best high risk insurance companies in Ontario, we can help you compare car insurance rates and can get a quote for high risk auto insurance.

  • Compare Quotes from all Ontario High Risk Auto Insurance Companies:

    We offer the best high risk insurance coverage options and cheapest quotes.

  • We will Help Get You Affordable Coverage:

    We specialize in insurance coverage for high risk drivers. We are partners with all the top high risk insurance companies in Ontario, ensuring that you will be able to find an insurance policy that will help you get back on the road.

  • Improve Your Driving and Insurance History:

    Our insurance brokers are experts in high risk auto insurance and can help advise you on ways to get back into more affordable, regular car insurance, beginning with non-standard insurance.

  • Shop & Compare on Renewal:

    At policy renewal time, our high risk auto insurance experts will shop and compare with the insurance companies to try and get you a better rate for non-standard auto insurance coverage.

  • Expert Advice & Service:

    Our team of high risk car insurance brokers are highly trained insurance experts who can help advise you on all your insurance needs and will provide top level personal service when you need it.

  • Our Customers Come First:

    We do not turn you away when you need us the most. No matter where you are in Ontario, we are here to help you get high risk insurance quotes, answer your questions and more!